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What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox contains a protein rich formula which fixes the imperfections in each individual strand of hair with active ingredients. This mixture of proteins ,caviar oil, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants,  natural acids and healing agents promise to moisturize, nourish and restore hair from the inside out. Hair becomes softer, frizz-free and further damage to the hair shaft is prevented. 

 Hair Botox literally reverts your hair back to its healthiest state by plugging up all the holes, repairing internal damage, fixing the tears, and hydrating withered hair.
As we age, so does our hair. It produces less Keratin over time, a protein complex essential for vitality. Dying can cause the cuticles to remain open for long periods of time, with makes hair lose its strength. Hair Botox works through each piece of hair, from root to tip, restoring from the destruction that we wreak upon ourselves. 

Who is Hair Botox for?

 Hair Botox works on all types of hair! Straight hair, curly hair and any type in between will benefit from this treatment. Everyone deserves manageable hair, and this protein-packed formula delivers noticeable results. Here are a few of the reasons why you may need hair Botox:
• If your hair is dry or damaged
• Your once beautiful hair appear dehydrated and frizzy
• Your hair is dull and lifeless
• If your scalp and hair have dandruff
• Hair that has gone through bleaching, coloring, or highlighting
• Hair with split-ends
• Overly curled, straightened, or styled hair 

What are the benefits of Hair Botox?

 Hair Botox contains acidic compounds that make it safe to use without any harmful chemicals. This newly popular conditioning mask cannot hurt your hair. It instead repairs any tears. Going through this process will establish that your hair is healthy and beautiful for a long time. It also protects against dandruff, psoriasis and other scalp conditions, as well as minimizing hair loss.

 This treatment enhances your hair’s natural texture in order to make it more manageable and radiant. Naturally straight hair will become shinier and smoother. Heavy curls will become smoother and frizz-free. Coarse hair will see an immediate reduction in frizz and the treatment will make dry and brittle hair shinier and healthier.

How long do the effects last?

Botox hair treatment generally lasts between two to four months and is recommended to be reapplied afterwards. You must use shampoo that is similar to Keratin safe shampoos with no sulfates or sodium chloride 


What Makes Hair Botox Different from Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

 The biggest difference between these two treatments is that Hair Botox doesn’t contain chemicals that you can find in traditional keratin treatment products. Other differences include that Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment which works to restore the natural beauty of damaged hairs, while a Keratin treatment is intended primarily as a hair smoothing method and shouldn’t be used on extremely damaged hair.  The proper choice depends on your hair quality, and the results you want to achieve. 

Brazilian Keratin Treatments spread the active keratin molecules on top of the hair, not inside the cuticle. Keratin molecules are too large to penetrate the hair strands.
Unlike keratin treatments, Hair Botox is a filler of essential nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants that effectively penetrates the cuticle to restore hair from the inside out. The treatment fills gaps and breakages in the hair shaft, works to restore lost protein and helps keep hair smooth, healthy, and strong. 


Who are the Best Candidates for These Treatments?

Keratin treatment is a great option for those with thick, curly and unruly hair. The treatment delivers perfect results on frizzy hair that suffers in humid weather. It decreases curl by 50-90%. Keratin treatment is suitable for everyone looking for easier styling and smoother results.

Hair Botox is suitable for all hair types. This treatment is aimed at you if you have very fine, dry, colored, bleached, dull, lifeless, or fried hair full of split ends. The treatment is safe enough to use on pregnant women.

 Keratin treatment will make your hair appear more naturally straight, smooth and much more manageable. Keratin treated hair will not become frizzy even when exposed to humid environments.  Styling time is dramatically decreased.

Hair Botox restructures badly damaged hair, repairs split ends, eliminates frizz and adds incredible shine to hair. The treatment also nourishes the scalp and helps fight dandruff and hair loss.

Keratin treatment is a better option if you want more straight and manageable hair since the keratin treatment straightens hair more than Hair Botox. 

Hair Botox brings your hair back to life and diminish the frizz but still keep your waves intact.  Hair Botox smooths the curls and makes them much more manageable, but the treatment won’t completely straighten the hair.